Where’s Moses!!!

If you have seen any of the latest slave movies you would have a firsthand look at the environment inside a New York State Prison. It is sad that the big screen is making millions of dollars displaying history that is still being played out today as if it is over. The word “Nigger” is still used occasionally to attack blacks as the overall look in their eyes and tone in their voice are that of a slave master. Inmates are unintelligent beings in most capacities despite any educational or professional background. A scientist with accommodations and the alphabet behind their name will be incapable of managing to mop the floor without derogatory comments. Life experiences are disregarded as if any crime can just delete the cells that store the knowledge earned over the years.

Food can be seen as a treat with cake, ice cream and jello given many days out of the year. While dirty trays, cups and spoons causes the entire meal to equal that of slop eaten on the plantation with pigs. If the slave is seen smarter than the master, it would not be accepted as a gift to their estate but a challenge to authority. So, an intellectual inmate must dumb down their approach to those over them so not to offend authority. Discipline has changed from whips to fists, lynchings to a secluded cells and firing squads to additional time behind bars; all are comparable as punishment, treatment used to hurt the already punished.

Attempt to prove you’re being mistreated. . .  blind spots are everywhere your “unreliable” word versus that of the “honest, loyal, perfect” authority. Each of them has each other’s back even when in the wrong. The Republicans support of Trump could not hold a candle to the loyalism of those who choose to degrade and discriminate against inmates. Rehabilitation is not a task that is practiced on any level, as racism is still growing strong behind the wall and leaked into each cell daily. Divide and conquer, polarization by race is manifested easily due to simple minded individuals whose will has been to just selfishly survive. Making any improvement to treatment like a TV, a tablet, recreation, or phoning home seen as a luxury items that makes living in green pants daily as adjacent as a gated community. When angry they cannot go on strike, so they affect the inmate’s lives by slowing down movement drastically; the equivalent to two-year-old throwing a tantrum in a department store checkout line. These professional adult sitters request more money endlessly as their job requirement never changes sit, eat, sleep, and repeat. When accessed by outside agencies they are diligent workers making sure that inmates clean and fix all areas of the jail. They reward their efforts with special food and gatherings to commend the great work as proud laborers. There is a clear atmosphere of, do as I say not as I do, mentality as they steal food from the mess hall, smoke in the hallways, litter and spit on the floor then they sleep away the hangover from the night before. “Criminals” that are responsible for convicted felons who think they are above the law and perfect in all their actions.

There is no underground railroad in this situation so who will be a Harriet to lead the people to freedom? No one wants to come to the rescue of someone convicted of a crime especially when it is for murder or rape. These depictions would mean nothing to you if you do not have any skin in the game. Just know that if you wait until a loved one, a friend or maybe even you end up in the position where jail is your residence, whether temporary or forever for whatever reason, it will be too late. You will be marked for the rest of your life guilty or innocent, life will never be the same.