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Thoughts of a Foster Child

Featured Poet Zoser Atum Re

I grew up watching others have Daddies just wondering, could mine be just walking right past me.

Mommy used to tell me baby don’t worry, but how could I, ignore my feeling’s searching for a reason to justify what Mr Jackson had done, walked out on his only Born Sun

Well who knows . . . it’s Obvious the apple don’t fall far from the tree, because as I am so is he  . . . A Hoe I also followed this man’s path putting me in a position of Being a Dad a father to two daughters

. . . but I go farther than him I don’t sink, I swim for my children no matter the situation cause honestly I am down to Terminate Anybody who has intent to Harm my kids. See for my Baby girls I give the world. Finding myself has me wanting to put down the blunts control my sexual urges coming to terms with my mental illness seeking solutions to my problem, like why the fuck do I always end up in Harlem, around trapped souls, wondering what the other side holds . . . feeling as if I have lost my soul . . . watching little kids get older watching and feeling this World Turn Colder missing my Grandmother who tried her best to raise me, but unfortunately I was already being Consumed by the streets going in and out of Foster Homes . . . sometimes ending up with Real Warm hearted people . . . it’s just my heart was too cold to accept being a part of a family instead I chased women, Weed and Gangs which led me to more pain !

Have you ever stared in the Mirror and asked what did I do for my father to leave me to be raised by the streets?

Or why did my mom let crack take control of her life?

Living in this maze I am trapped in by all these mixed Emotions not sure exactly where I am going I am tired of feeling Dead it’s time to live!!!

This is the End of my thoughts as a Foster Kid