Why I am not OK?

  By Perseverance Speaks Recently, I have been focusing on my on mental health. After the loss of someone I knew to the hand of suicide it felt especially important. Suicide has visited me before in personal ways and with my battles with depression, self-worth, self-medicating and paranoia mean that I feel many things on … More Why I am not OK?

Editor’s Note

The past few months this country has gone through a cathartic process. From politics to natural disasters. Charlottesville, Barcelona, Spain, transgender rights and denial of medical care, the continuing process of repeal and “repair” of the Affordable Care Act, Hurricane Harvey. This country is battling issues of race and economic disparity, hate and despair. The … More Editor’s Note

Breakfast Nook

John 4:50 “Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed. Every day we find that life does not get easier, but it gets harder and our lives fill up with more things that we ever knew we could experience. Many of us put our faith in a … More Breakfast Nook

Healing Ignorance

Ignorance always operates from a place of complete assuredness. No apology, no re-education just pure self-righteous indignation, celebrating its own existence. Our differences make us exactly that different. We were not created to be the same, even leopards, sharks, wolves, deer, birds differ our differences are what make us great. We don’t love them same, … More Healing Ignorance