Life After Death

By The Anchor I have a shirt that has Biggie’s famous Life After Death cover art on it with a biblical scripture underneath it. I’ll post a picture of it below. The creator thought outside the box on this one. Imagine what the original thoughts were when he decided to make that the title. I’m … More Life After Death


This is not your grandfathers America. The America that instilled fear by the cat-o-nine tail and the rape of house niggas, see this is not your grandfathers America where black men and women answer to the universal name for people of color of boy, gal and girl. This is not your father’s America where you … More Untitled

Why I choose HOPE

My best friend and I are like fire and ice. Where I burn with idealism she chills with ice cold cynicism and her own special version of pessimistic nature. We differ so much that we have extensive conversation about humanity and if it really exists. When the verdict of Philando Castile came down in     Twitter … More Why I choose HOPE

The Mental Effect

I tried to think of all the things that I could write about. There is Trump, Standing Rock, the prison system, the Russia investigation . . . I could go on. Truth is there is no shortage of topics affecting us all as American citizens. Considering all the things going on it will be no … More The Mental Effect

Why I am not OK?

  By Perseverance Speaks Recently, I have been focusing on my on mental health. After the loss of someone I knew to the hand of suicide it felt especially important. Suicide has visited me before in personal ways and with my battles with depression, self-worth, self-medicating and paranoia mean that I feel many things on … More Why I am not OK?