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Who kNew Hulu?

Often we hear on Social Media others asking for suggestions about what to watch, well look no more we will be giving you our picks of the week, and the month. Prepare to be entertained, angered, laughed to death, intrigued and pained. Netflix has a good many documentaries and comedy specials that you can find and learn from.

Watchmen, an HBO original has received some flack from die-hard fans and some love as well. Some claim it doesn’t have the same story line and others say it mirrors exactly what the graphic novel originally intended. Starring our darling from Seven Seconds Regina King as Angela Abar this is a must see. It’s always a pleasure to see us as Superheroes. It’s definitely worth a watch . . . Personally I think we need a podcast to discuss the joint . . . IJS

Wu-Tang: An American Saga is a good story to watch, especially if you are a true hip-hophead and absolutely love Wu-Tang Clan and their music. It gives you an depth look into like on Staten Island during the time. Often we think American stories are only those of the Kennedy’s and the Rockefeller’s but there is more to how the American dreams have been built in this country. It helps that you know somewhat how this story ends otherwise it does cause some despair, especially because some don’t make it out.

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So, what’s on Netflix?

Living Undocumented has to be one of the most angering and depressing documentaries I have watched. This documentary chronicles several families and individuals who are experiencing issues with living in the states undocumented. All of the people in this documentary are people who have been here for years, some almost twenty, built businesses, paid taxes, bought homes, had families, married, sent children to college or hope to and have deeply invested in the American Dream when we repeat Give Me Your Tired . . . Your Poor . . . The living conditions and the handling of many of the cases are so poor and violate so many of the very core values we say that this country holds it wouldn’t be abnormal to do one of the two stop watching because you can’t take anymore or start crying uncontrollably. This documentary enrages you so this is a warning, it’s educational and gives you a great idea of how this country and immigration works, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Rotten is pretty self explanatory. . . it is a show about all the things they could possibly find wrong. From bottled water and how it hurts the world to how Avocados has become a lucrative crop for money hungry cartels to how China is becoming the premiere wine makers and putting French winemakers out of business . . . If you want to be informed and feel overwhelmed about how you can’t possibly save the world this is definitely the show to watch.

Deon Cole: Cole Hearted is awesome . . . If you need a good pick me up, straight jokes and a little encouragement this is it. Dude is profound gives you good knowledge, gives you a good lift and is hella funny while he does it. A must see for stand-up comedy specials.

Confession Tapes has entered its second season. A second season of anger and a scream to change the justice system that we have in this country. Once again, we follow individual tales of people who have been convicted by their confessions, usually after hours of interrogation, lack of sleep and hunger. What this show does is shine a light on how we conduct our police investigations in this country and how justice more often than not fails when it comes to the haves and have-nots. For a long time, I only believed that people of color were railroaded into jail time, but this show has really opened my eyes up to the how our system needs fixing. Most often those who are poor and afraid are the ones who pay dearly with their life. This is a must see.

The Good Place

Now if you’re like me and grew up in the church this show is funny, but can really make your wheels spin. Although it is somewhat of a comedy it makes you think about our whole concept of heaven and hell. In short, several individuals die and go to “The Good Place”. Within an episode or two the whole idea of what the good place is and who it’s for is turned on its head. It’s a light watch for those who don’t want to think and a good watch for those who have a thirst to question what we all have been taught.

Santa Clarita Diet

Now if you aren’t someone who gets grossed out easily the Santa Clarita Diet is a hilarious watch. It follows a suburban couple who go through some changes when the wife suddenly contracts some weird eating disorder. But it’s funny and will have you rolling. I binge watched it so be mindful you might need some spare time. It stars drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant.

The Toys That Made Us

If you’re a nerd who loves collecting watch The Toys That Made Us. It really makes you understand the toy industry and how much we played with action figures. From He-man to Barbie, Ken to Star Trek and Star Wars there is an interesting history and back story to them all. You get to see how GI Joe went from a big doll into an action figure, or how Star Trek made several different enterprise ships and communicators before they landed on a winner. It’ll bring back good memories if you’re an 80’s baby.

What’s to Come

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