Legacy Makers

Join us as we take a journey. Every issue will chronicle everyday people who are living out their dreams daily. This includes entreprenurs, dreamers, spiritual leaders, performers, artists, people who believe in what they are doing have a passion for it and use it to better others and themselves. This ni-monthly issue includes Dre Rumble and Ashley Booker. Stay tuned as we are adding people every week.




Dre Rumble is a Brooklyn bred rapper. He’s been rapping since the age of 13, when he heard Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got A Baby”. Dre has performed on stages as well as churches around the United States. In January 2016 He released his single “Praise 2.0”. In 2017 he won a Pearl Award for “Rapper of the Year” He is slated to drop a new single “Get Ready” In September of 2018. His goal is to ultimately lead people to Christ.

  1. My greatest inspiration in deciding to be an entrepreneur was Jay-z and Lebron James. I respect how they used their passion to create revenue outside of what they do. My talent was inspired by my love for music.
  2. I always loved music , but as I got older it became an outlet. The more I struggled and battled my demons, the more music I wrote. At times when I was having an identity crisis, my pad and pen kept me calm.
  3. Currently I’m releasing my single September 4,2018. Also working on an independent tour for January 2019, and also finishing my EP.
  4. After I’m long gone I just want people to say after meeting me they wanted to know more about Jesus.
  5. If people want to find me or follow me I’m drerumble on all social media outlets.
  6. The failure isn’t in trying and failing the failure is in not trying at all – FDR



Ashley Booker


Sitting in her grandmother’s bathroom watching her put makeup on, Ashley Booker never thought that at the age of 28 she would be using her social media pages to express her passion for makeup and hair.

Born in Harlem, New York, Ashley Booker has always been a creative and expressive spirit. While singing and performing in school plays, dance recitals in both high-school and college, she could be found helping her fellow performers with their hair, and make-up. At the time she thought it was just a cool hobby, not realizing that a budding passion was beginning to bloom. It was not until her best friend took her to the MAC Cosmetic Store on 125th Street, did her passion for make-up begin to take form. Her face lit up as the make-up artist began to ask her what look was she going for, natural glam…soft glam…diva glam. The selection of foundations, concealers, lipsticks, blush, and highlighters resembled a harmonious chorus that began to sing a song that was all too familiar to her, “Ashley, why not make-up?” Why not?

Since then, Ashley has hired to do makeup for weddings, photoshoots and video shoots. She has been sent free makeup and makeup tools to review. She has also been hired to do hair for various people, specifically the faux locs hairstyle. Currently, Ashley is looking to expand her social media page and provide tutorials for everyday makeup looks for her followers. While she is self-taught, she knows that with hard-work and dedication she will be able to expand her brand and expand her reach. She lives by the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and with this new focus she will make a name for herself.


Who was your greatest inspiration in deciding to be an entrepreneur? What most inspired your creation of your product/talent?

                I met makeup artist Christina Vega about 3 years ago in Sephora in Soho, and I was so inspired by her passion and her spirit. She taught classes at Sephora and sat in some of them. I learned so much on makeup application, but also learned how important it is for makeup to compliment rather than overpower you. This stayed with me, and I have formed my passion for makeup and makeup application around a soft, natural glam, where makeup just enhances the individuals.


Was there a specific struggle that you encountered when you first decided to chase your dream or while attempting to make your dream come true?

Age, I know 28 doesn’t seem at all, but in the makeup and YouTube industry, I am older than most that start out. Many have been in this game for years and have gone to school for it, or work at a makeup store, I have done neither, and this insecurity has caused me to question still can I do this. So, I just remind myself that I still have breath and an opportunity, it also helps when strangers ask me if I was a makeup artist, that gives me confidence to continue.


Tell us what you’re doing currently. Tell us about what you have planned for the present and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

                Right now, I am using my Instagram page to review makeup products and promote my artistry. I am working to create a website where my work can live and start a YouTube page where I can give tutorials and more extensive visual reviews of products. I get asked all the time do I have a YouTube page, and currently working on that so that my reach can expand.


What kind of footprint do you plan on leaving with the legacy of your company?

I just want to help women to not be afraid of makeup. I hear so many women tell me that it is so hard to apply and I am afraid that I will look like a clown. This fear I want to help eliminate and provide products and techniques that any woman can pick and use, and feel so beautiful and empowered. Makeup only compliments, and I want to spread that message.


If your company has a social agenda as well as an economic one, please let us know about it. – Not currently.


Where can we find you? Online/Brick & Mortar

Instagram: just_ashb

Email for Business Inquires: justashb@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justashb/


What would be your parting words of wisdom for anyone too scared to jump out and chase their dream?

You are given one life, one moment that you cannot rewind, cannot fast forward. Live it with no regrets or what-ifs, if you fail you fail, but it’s better to know that it didn’t work out, rather than wonder for the rest of your life what may have been. You are capable of anything



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