Kombat Konditioning

Herbs are for the healing of the Nations this is found in the Book of Revelations, when I think about this, I was reading about the plant called the lotus. I was reminded that aside from the Lotus having benefits because of it being an herb and benefiting the body I had to realize that this herb also benefits the body and the brain. It does so like any crossed leg positions with the hands or where the feet or hands crosses the midline of the body. This is wonderful for the brain, as well as, using your non dominant hand to brush your teeth or do something else to challenge yourself. The Asian people teach that the Lotus is awesome because it goes down in the muddy water at night and regardless of all of the challenges in coming up from the muddy water in the morning, during the daytime it opens up and no water has gotten inside of it and it’s light shines bright. The Lotus is also a metaphor for being able to overcome challenges of life so one must sit up like the King or the Queen that you know that you are made to be.  Make sure you continue to stay connected to the divine presence and the potential of God within you.

In the scripture it talks about the herbs are for the healing of the Nations in the Book of Revelations and Dr. Sebi, a great herbalist, was able to cure people versus just treating the people, like a lot of hospitals are doing in this day. There are people talking about alternative medicine, many people do not understand that they can be cured they do not believe it’s possible. We eat a lot of hybrid foods even in most churches as well as eating a lot of foods that we were instructed not to eat. As you go back to the Old Testament and the most high telling the chosen people, the Israelites, what not to eat these were called dietary laws. The world just said pray over and it’ll be okay to eat it. Dr. Sebi told us that in order to get rid of a lot of diseases like asthma, diabetes, cancer aids we must rid the body of the number one disease on our planet which happens to be mucus in the body. Dr. Sebi  also stated that in order to get rid of diabetes only thing you need to do is get rid of starches, such as milk and also meat and you need to take minerals into your body versus what they to taught you to take like taking vitamins and lots of sugar and processed meat or protein powder into your body. We have to make sure that we stay connected the Divine Laboratory in nature, God made all the foods that the Creator made for us to eat he made watermelons with seeds in it so that we should eat not the ones that don’t have the seed in it and is made in the laboratory.

So, this is one half of the information to change your situation I’m learning 

that to change your nutrition you must change your mind the bible says renew your mind so that you can transform.

In order to transform you must vibrate to a higher state.

Meaning don’t worry and don’t wait but after praying do the action start taking the unnecessary things that rob kill and destroy your health off your plate.

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