Editor’s Note

By K. Dallas

Everyday we have a re-birthing process that we go through. We wake up and try to figure out what is next. Some of us continue on with our plans, some of us scrap the plans and start something different, and some of us are in our Meantime. In these times we need to figure out where we are going, to see ourselves in the place that our Almighty has ordained us to be.

DIG has gone through a Re-birthing, and this month we are back. We are back with solutions and a new breath of fresh wind. We have orchestrated new plans, a plan to give our dreams a foundation, and build a future. We have created plans to inspire a generation, and a nation to rise up and go through a re-birthing. A re-birthing that will set our communities on new paths and ways to invest in children and our fellow brother and sister. This is a note from your editor help us Resist, help us Birth a Nation, create a generation of leaders and intellectuals.