Is It Protest or Progress?

When do we go from protest to progress? And who gets to decide when it is time for either? This article is just a look into the latest conversation about the Jay-Z and NFL deal. … More Is It Protest or Progress?

Who Belongs?

This year has gone by like a blink of an eye and we have experienced some of the most polarizing politics and relationships that this country has ever seen. We have children living in filth, countrymen, those who proclaim that they are Christians that somehow in the name of the Almighty the this fact is … More Who Belongs?

Prep Steps

By Latoi Storr As the weather gets crisp a lot of people start getting down. I tell people all the time Winter Blues is real. It starts in the Fall. There are a number of reasons why. One of those things is that if you were getting your Summer body on, layers of clothes means … More Prep Steps