Behind 1 Kings 17

3120331-lgIn this day we are surrounded by the stories of tribulation stories of heartache and headache and dry places. We all experience desolate places in our lives. Places where our thoughts overtake our mind and convince us we’re not good enough, or we’re not in the right place doing the right thing, that we’ll never get it right. We all experience dry places when all that accompanies us are tears and loneliness and /or sorrow. I have experienced moments devoid of faith and hope, but believed in the truth that there is a God. How can that be you must say, but it was, and still is. Our walk, our journey is not always on level ground and cannot always be seen with the naked eye. See in 1 Kings 17, Elijah spoke of a drought coming, “there will neither be dew or rain.” God gives  Elijah specific directions about where to go and what to do. Sometimes what we hear doesn’t seem plausible. Sometimes there are so many droughts in our lives we wonder when will they end; spiritual droughts, mental droughts, financial droughts, emotional, and relational droughts. Though God tells Elijah to go drink from the brook, we see that the brook is in the middle of the wilderness. Sometimes our wilderness is where we will be hydrated, where God will fill us up and give us drink, where he will speak to us. The wilderness is quiet, holds no distraction. Sometimes our wilderness is where we experience the most of our brokenness, our loneliness where all we can experience is the voice of the Most High.”Elijah” God says, “go out to the brook in the wilderness where in the natural eye there is nothing of use that we can see. Go to the dry place and wait for me. I may not come in the form of rain or sun or the romanticism of a fairy tale, but I’m coming. In Hebrew wilderness is the translation for Midbar, and it also means to speak. Isn’t that ironic that the same word that means wilderness means to be spoken to.

And God sent ravens in the morning and in the evening. Ravens who feast on that which is dead. The very thing that only lives by that which is dead is used to keep Elijah alive. In our lives we have been the raven in our dry place and we have grown in the spirit of God and become that which that is fed by the very thing that lives on that which is dead. Don’t look with your natural eye for when God comes, he may come as you think he should, he may send the dirtiest, nastiest thing that lives only through death to give you life.