Prep Steps

By Latoi Storr As the weather gets crisp a lot of people start getting down. I tell people all the time Winter Blues is real. It starts in the Fall. There are a number of reasons why. One of those things is that if you were getting your Summer body on, layers of clothes means … More Prep Steps

Mental Health-the Topic that is Sweeping the Nation

By Tracey Parker No one is exempt from mental health, and it can affect anyone at any time. The contributing factors can be from traumatizing experiences such as sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and even genetics can play a role. As time goes on, these emotions gets more intense, happens more … More Mental Health-the Topic that is Sweeping the Nation

Editor’s Note

By KimDallas I am black, a woman, a homosexual, militant, and a republican . . . I suffer from mental illness, come from a single parent home, and grew up on welfare a good deal of my childhood. I have several bibles, a Quran, and a Pentateuch in my home and I read them all. … More Editor’s Note

the BIRD Revelation

I watched Dave Chappelle’s “equanimity” and “the bird revelation”, and like usual he was cutting edge and funny. His comedy involved everyday cracks at our current dealings with the LGBT community, racism, politics, and voting. He gave us the opportunity to not only laugh at ourselves but at him. Entering our second year of the … More the BIRD Revelation