A Day in the Lyfe of a Christian


it is the key to success. the ultimate first impression. At least that’s what I’ve always been told. dress even has been broken down along racial lines. for blacks, well let me stop right there, for some blacks being dressed is a universal theme, whether it is out to play, out to hang, out to church, out to impress, out to work, out to date, or just out. Some of us are notorious for the outfit and sneaker-head matching. Have a pair of red Jordan’s you must, I mean absolutely must have a red striped shirt of some kind that makes that red sneaker pop. This is mandatory. In the fashion world, something that transcends color is matching your rust colored belt and rust colored shoes, fashion transcends time. But do we?

I’ve been raised in a Christian church for years and it has always been traditional in terms of dress for women to wear dresses not pants or pants suits, no dark colored stockings with white shoes, there’s a difference between winter white and the regular white that you where after Memorial Day but not after labor day. and don’t come to church and not wear any stockings. For men it is imperative to wear suits, or at least a shirt and tie or shirt and slacks. the rules of dress that we stick to just to get into heaven. I have never liked dresses. even as a child, I hated them, they made me uncomfortable, but due to tradition I was required to wear them.

I was twenty-seven. and I was fearful.

Imagine being more scared of the people you attend church with than God about the clothes you wear?

I eventually started wearing what i wanted, i graduated from sweaters and slacks to button down shirts and slacks to bow-ties, neckties, matching pocket squares, tie-bars, and collar stays. i became comfortable with who i was and started to understand that my walk with god was not in the clothes I wore to church but more so in the heart i wore to church. what brought this up was a discussion between my mother and I, I decided to wear a pair of jeans and button down shirt with a pocket square, and vest and bow-tie. She was not pleased. Her exact response was “this was the lords house, ” and, “I was not allowed to wear that.” Dress has always been important in the house of the Lord for the black church. it has been the telltale sign of where you are at spiritually. have the right hat, matching gloves and perfect dress your spiritual walk must be out of sight, the God that lives in you must be so bright that no one can keep up with you. it has unfortunately taken the place of how we measure our spiritual walk not with God but with each other. What in essence is so interesting is that God does not speak all that much other than in the Old Testament about dress. And there is no mention of the clothes we would wear now so why is so important what we we wear? Why is it that we are more concerned about what is on the outside of our  people than the inside? I in no way am saying that we should come to the place of worship any way, but I am saying that we should be very concerned about our hearts. And because the clothes is the first thing we see we give less thought to what dictates everything else.