Who Belongs?

This year has gone by like a blink of an eye and we have experienced some of the most polarizing politics and relationships that this country has ever seen. We have children living in filth, countrymen, those who proclaim that they are Christians that somehow in the name of the Almighty the this fact is okay because these young people are not citizens of a country that was built on the blood of slaughtered buffalo, stolen land, raped women and castrated men, roped humans and not cattle and a song that says that this land is full of LIBERTY. Where have we gone wrong? What will we say when our conscience calls for an answer?

In this new issue of DIG we will celebrate all that is great about us, about U.S. and all that we need to change. We have a review of the first ever Afros and Audio that happened June 22nd-23rd on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn put together by brother Talib Jasir. We will meet him and discover what made him decide that Black Influencers and Podcasters needed their own space. Also we will chronicle some of the great movers and shakers in the podcast industry and what they envision for the future of Black Media.

And the political season is among us who will you vote for? And is the race saturated for Democrats? Should we overrun the Republican Party and take it over from the inside out? Is it really a bad thing if you can actually get things done across the aisle with racists?

Be BRAVE, you’re already AMAZING!!!

Kim Dallas

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