Prep Steps

By Latoi Storr

As the weather gets crisp a lot of people start getting down. I tell people all the time Winter Blues is real. It starts in the Fall. There are a number of reasons why. One of those things is that if you were getting your Summer body on, layers of clothes means you can eat your favorite foods and let your body go back to its pre-Summer self. Fall also brings on a lot of holidays and depending on how you navigate with family and friends you might find yourself becoming sad during this time as well. For example if you deal with anxiety and stress, and are more introvert than a lot of others around you, knowing you have to step it up and reach out to people you only see one tine a year, may create a level of anxiety that didn’t present itself in the Summer. You can always hide behind work until Thanksgiving comes along and everyone you know for the most part is off of work and with family. You can’t hide. It gets hard to mask your feelings. So instead of masking them, start dealing with them. If you are aware of your triggers it will assist you in getting the things in line that you will need. These are my ways of Fall proofing your entire life to get you through these next couple of months:
Prioritize your Needs
I say this often but self-care is daily. It’s not something you do just when life blows up and then you treat yourself out on the night on the town because hey, your life is falling apart. No, every day is about what I need to maintain. Do I need to come home and turn off social media because I have been scrolling all day and haven’t done one thing for me? Do I need to come home and cook a meal or two to create less time prepping every day and feeling burned out? Whatever it is during these next months,
figure those things and make a list and work towards it! I enjoy writing my goals down and if you are the type that doesn’t see the benefit of that, reconsider. Your goals are best completed when they are in the forefront of your mind and eyes. How can you walk without a plan?

Say No
You will get invited to so many social events. Trust me. From Halloween, church events, Thanksgiving, etc. there is going to have to be a no in your spirit. I know we love to hear yes, but sometimes there is power in NO! Stop spreading yourself thin in the Fall months. Fall is prep for Winter and we know all of the things that happen to our moods in the Winter that Fall is like the practice round. No you can’t bring another dish to another function. No you can’t come to another girl’s event when your friends ask because your friend is taxing your time but doesn’t adhere to yours. No you can’t spend another dollar because you are saving for vacation and can’t keep giving towards all of these events and be responsible. Adhere to yours. No you can’t spend another dollar because you are saving for vacation and can’t keep giving towards all of these events and be responsible.

Get Out
There are folks that are going to come around more in the Fall and you better be aware. This is the time where we lock down a Fall and Winter buddy aka Cuffing Season. Folks stop chasing skirts and want a cuddle buddy. These situationships are great if that’s all you want but they are a waste of resources if you are looking for a permanent love. Be careful who you entertain in this season. Know yourself. No one should be dating you if you don’t know yourself. There is no one who can come into your life and
even get to meet the real you if you haven’t taken the time to know you. Also if you are tired of work this is the time as we get closer to the New Year that people began to make that list of why they want to leave their jobs. Make sure you if you want to leave to have a backup plan. Also be sure it’s what you want and not based on a temporary feeling. Don’t let a joker run you off of your job and away from your coin for no mess.

Freeze your Assets
Fall is a signal of change. You will see this change in things such as trees, leaves, and weather. It can be a fun time if you are the type of person who likes to be out and about in the crisp air. It also means that it’s time to settle in. Like I said above a lot of smart people start moving money around if they are smart in preparation for the next year’s goals. So this means instead of getting jealous because of someone else’s ability to take all kinds of trips or their ability to go to functions, save. You know the holidays are
coming, the electric is going up, freeze your excessive spending. Get on a budget. This is necessary for you and your life. Get yourself in aligned. I know some folks that coupon and stockpile in the Fall in preparation for the Winter and that makes sense. I do more of it in the Fall as well because if snow comes I want certain things on deck just in case I am unable to get out of my house. Also a new season you need to be checking into things like your credit, your wholeness, and your mental state just to name a few areas to do a check into. All of these things should always be evaluated. I don’t get how people spend more time getting Fall boots but not worrying about resetting goals at EVERY
season. What are your dreams this season? What are you going to accomplish in this season? These things matter. Take yourself seriously! You are ever-changing. With change comes more responsibility. You don’t have to like going on hayrides, or dress up in costumes, but you have to get ready for the Winter and part of that means taking responsibility for you in all aspects of your life. Taking charge of your emotions as you enter this new season. You do need to continue to practice self-care. I wish you
well this season!

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