Life After Death

By The Anchor

I have a shirt that has Biggie’s famous Life After Death cover art on it with a biblical scripture underneath it. I’ll post a picture of it below. The creator thought outside the box on this one. Imagine what the original thoughts were when he decided to make that the title. I’m sure most thought that he was morbid, possibly even encouraging violence among young black men. But those who are familiar with his interview about that title understood what the creator of this t-shirt understood, and that is that in order for us to live and keep growing we have to do what our skin does every day, and that is shed that which is dead and take care of that which is alive. We usually wait for New Years to do this and call them resolutions, but one does not need to do that. We need only look at what is working in our life and what is not and shed that which is dead in us. We never look at killing a part of ourselves off as a good thing, but that could be the best thing that ever happens to us. When a part of the body suffers gangrene, it means that blood flow has stopped travelling to that limb. The doctors usually amputate this thinking the body is trying to save itself. They chop it off with the premise that this is killing the patient we need to let it go. You ever have something that is killing you? Killing a piece of you a minute, a day, a second at a time. Isn’t it amazing that the body knows how to save itself? We know how to save ourselves too. We too can shed our dead skin, give ourselves Life After Death. Give ourselves Hope after the Storm.

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