Getting to the Root of Change

By Tracey Parker

As we approach 2018, it is a custom for people to start planning their New Year’s resolutions. We hear things such as, “I am going to buy a house this year”, “I am going to lose weight”, or “This year I will clear up my debt”.  These things are great things to stride for and achieve, but there is more to saying them and doing it. Many times we make these resolutions, but at the end of the year, we have not even achieved one. We have to learn to ‘un peel the onion’ and get to the root of why things are not as successful as we like. This root, this seed, which helps us to achieve is the power of changing your thoughts.

Thoughts dictate our behavior, our actions, and can even determine what kind of day we have. Our thoughts have so much power that it manifest in our lives, whether they or negative or positive. We may have been struggling with things and want to do better. We can wish all we want but the thought along with actions is what brings about a difference. The bottom line is faith, which is what we believe will happen, without the work is dead.

One way to help us achieve what we want is to write down that thought. Our thoughts tend to be fleeting on its own sometimes, while being accompanied with the demands of life itself. Another way is repetition. Wake up in the morning focused on your goals and as you go throughout the day just remind yourself on what you aim to do. Lastly avoid anything or anybody that will force you to go against your plans for the year. This may be a bit difficult, only because we see the danger and we do have that thought for a moment (“I know I can’t have this pizza I am trying to lose weight, but a slice won’t hurt”). What happens? We engage in that moment that is detrimental to our goals thinking that we can make it up later. That thought of later prolongs our progress and before we know it that time line we made for ourselves has come and nothing was done.

This is the year to change things and put things in perspective. Stop thinking that you cannot, but think you can. Stop saying it is hard, when in actuality your thoughts are tricking you into believing that nothing can be done. A negative or positive thought can determine if you are going to sit there and along in the current or if you are finally going to get up take hold of the wheel. As you focus on your positive thoughts daily, you will began to see things change gradually. It will become easier and those obstacles you have been fighting with will begin to overturn in your favor.

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