Editor’s Note

The past few months this country has gone through a cathartic process. From politics to natural disasters. Charlottesville, Barcelona, Spain, transgender rights and denial of medical care, the continuing process of repeal and “repair” of the Affordable Care Act, Hurricane Harvey. This country is battling issues of race and economic disparity, hate and despair. The country is crying out in pain, yes white supremacists, and average white male Americans are feeling the squeeze of being outnumbered, they feel as if they have legitimate gripes of being discriminated against, being left behind by “their” country. Black lives matter, but seem to only matter to those who understand the history of this country. Immigration is only a problem when we are not thinking of who landscapes our yards and builds our homes as day laborers. Immigration is only a problem when we think of one’s religious freedom and the right to call God by the name Allah. Where is this country headed? Some think that its heading towards a race war, some think that this is a time of reckoning, for the progress of healing, or redevelopment, others are calling on God to deliver them from the chaos. The Opioid crisis is hitting neighborhoods that the Crack epidemic merely passed by and others know the disparity between what happened during our Drug epidemic and the now Opioid Epidemic. Some have taken matters into their own hands by volunteering, developing programs. Programs that are geared toward mental illness, economic and educational disparities. It is time to wake up, take ourselves, our neighbors, our country, our world and our mental well-being seriously. There are enough reasons to be concerned and to get involved, what will your project be? How will you fight the battle? Will you include your children? Will you choose hope?

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