Breakfast Nook

John 4:50

“Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed.

Every day we find that life does not get easier, but it gets harder and our lives fill up with more things that we ever knew we could experience. Many of us put our faith in a higher power, whether you call it Allah, or Elohim, or Jesus Christ we put faith in something we cannot see, but we can feel. In John 4:43 Jesus comes upon a royal officer while he is traveling throughout the land. this officer not Jewish by ethnicity or faith comes and asks of him a huge favor, that he would heal his son who is very ill. He asked Jesus to come see his son because he had heard all the miracles he had performed the wine in Cana for one. It is imperative that we mention that Jesus says something profound, “Unless you people see signs and wonders you will never believe. The soldier asks for his presence to the aid of his son, and Jesus replies “Go, your son will live.” With nothing more than a word he left and departed to his home. He had to take the word from Jesus and have faith in that. I know there are times especially in a world that tells you trust in nothing you can’t see or prove that our heart grows heavy. It grows heavy because this is a world that often tells us that if you can’t see it isn’t real. sometimes we can’t even feel it, we have nothing more than what we have been taught. We look for a special prophecy or someone to say the right words, or do something special to believe. But sometimes all we need is just to believe. Have faith!!! It is hard without the presence and just the word, but think of life, although there is no math book available to tell us 2×2=4 we know that it is so, we know it is so because we have received instruction and seen proof at one time or another that is so. so is life, you will make it, you will hold on, and it will work out. not always like we’ve planned but it will. Remember your confidence should be in the word and not necessarily in the presence. The officer walked the long journey by himself, without the presence, he had to trust that his son would be alive when arrived. Jesus expects us to rely on the word given you. the officer had to walk out the time. So, do we. Do not worry, have faith, even if you don’t feel his presence. He US something to walk with!!!

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