Charlottesville & Education

By Tracey Parker

Charlottesville- the events that has taken place has been an eye opener around the world. However, that was just one of the incidents caught on camera seen, but there has been many injustices carried out against people of color that has been hidden for centuries. People of color and those who have stood with them have been discriminated against and abused for years. The acts of violence and these movements of pro-white supremacy are becoming more radical and coeval, making those who once felt safe fear for their lives.

Watching this protest in Charlottesville was difficult to watch, and to see the way the Alt-right protester, David Duke, included the current President of the United States into this mess was further nauseating. As a citizen of this country, we would expect our leaders to be for us and to not be involved with this turmoil. However as time has revealed, the number of racist speeches and acts has increased since the election of 2016.

Charlottesville is just one of the places that had a schedule movement. Other places such as Atlanta, Boston, and New York were in mind but cancelled. To cause further tensity among citizens, nothing has been done or said to condemn the actions of these people who threaten to further break down this already delicate balance of society when it comes to the issue of race.

No place is safe, and there will always be adversity and people who feel as if they are entitled and privileged based solely off of the color of their skin. With these marches along with videos of beatings and racist remarks being made openly, it only fuels the concern of those who are openly and un-apologetically being attacked. How can we win in a society where our backs are against the wall and lies are twisted into alternative truths? The facts are if the government is not willing to stand for the liberty, safety, and justice for all among being role models for peace then what this country stands for is as useless as a bottomless bucket that is supposed to hold water.



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