Healing Ignorance

Ignorance always operates from a place of complete assuredness. No apology, no re-education just pure self-righteous indignation, celebrating its own existence. Our differences make us exactly that different. We were not created to be the same, even leopards, sharks, wolves, deer, birds differ our differences are what make us great. We don’t love them same, pray the same, eat the same, dress the same because we are not the same, we were designed to be different on purpose. We are a planet of various cultures, beliefs, creed and ways of being fighting amongst ourselves for supremacy. The day we learn to put ourselves in each other’s shoes, the day that we can see the stranger in front of us as ourselves; will be the day we let go of the us versus them morass that poisons all hope that one day we will actually overcome.

See, there is no post racial world. Not until we can see injustice and call it out for what it is, not until we talk about historic wrongs and seek to right them. We shouldn’t be so concerned of with the risk of capitalist fall out that we turn a blind eye to our Brother or Sister’s peril. We can’t celebrate ignorance nor can we pretend an amputated limb isn’t amputated, we must deal with what is in front of us and racism is real reality.

So how do we change? How do we undo centuries of hard wired racism, hard wired other-ism and hard wired tribalism? How do we get a world so guilty about its own past that it rather deny it than embrace it’s truth?
It starts with first accepting that that we are not the same and that’s ok. Secondly, we must realize that part of being different is disagreeing and not liking those differences. Thirdly, we must accept that disliking someone else does not mean that they must make us like them by them by becoming us. There is no one way to be human there is no one way to be anything. However, we’ve microcosm all of western culture to aspire to one idea of beauty, one idea of right, one idea of God. We’ve adversely deemed everything else as wrong, if it doesn’t fit within the White Male Hetero-Norm than it, itself is wrong. We have bought into a brand that does not serve us all and as a result we are losing ourselves, our children and the future a little bit each day. We are held hostage and slaved to this ideal until we decide that enough is enough. The day we change our apprehensions is the day we step forward with confidence and power and actually begin that slow climb down from the mountain top to enter Dr. King’s promised land.



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