Where is the Dream? By Dakarai Olumide

We’ve marched and boycotted,  we felt the upward mobility of our people and fought as drugs ravaged our community,  we’ve mourned Leaders lost but never the movement,  for admitting that The Dreamer was only a man and not just the Drum Major for Justice admits that those left behind were inadequate heirs,

Where is the dream?

Complacent, we’ve grown used to police brutality and inner city crime,  we’ve accepted the war on poverty as a myth we tell ourselves when Democratic Candidates need that special Presidential electorial boost, a myth like the Boogieman or Tooth Fairy, Our sweet country tis of thee, we watched slack jawed as voting protections are stripped, Carnival barkers masquerade as candidates inspiring incideary rhetoric and violence and rise to become Day Glo colored Presidents, We in our country a shadow of its former self, We forget that 1968 is only a blink of an eye away and not yet just some historic footnote,

Where is the dream?

We embraced Jesse’s Rainbow Coalition and followed it to the rainbow’s end,  only to have watched his public legacy tarnished by the mud dragging of his humanity, thought we collected gold in a Clinton presidency despite soaring incarceration rates and further disenfranchisement of our youth,lulled into a false sense of security,  ignored the burning of our churchs,  the discrediting of our educational institutions,  We thought these incidents weren’t what they were,  an ancient war horse rearing its head as if to say present in a role call we couldn’t hear,

Where is the dream?

We marched and shouted “Yes We Can! ” to elect the first man to the office of President to ever look like us,   Foolishly,  many confused this new hope as the dream fulfilled, A New Hope just as in Star Wars only a film as we still had much work to do, However we, jovially, rejoiced in song,  bragging that our President was Black as our rims and car interior,  we marveled at the optics of an African American First Family gracing media worldwide, but was that the dream?  As he legislated, we watched the House and Senate erupt in blockades to prevent his legacy from being laid in stone, we’ve seen his creed and color rumoured falsely,  His identity equated to the mysterious other,

Where is the dream?

Was not the dream and hope of the slave, freedom?
Was not the vision of the King all peoples joined to together in unity?
Where is the dream? Why does it evade us?  Why does its ghost haunt us? Has this dream deferred festered in the sun and syrupped over to rot? Or is the dream hiding from the beatings, lynchings, and burnings, is the dream alive but crowering in fear of retribution for existing,

Where is the dream?

The dream was been shot because melanin is a deadly weapon and surely those who weild it must pay with their lives, Or maybe the dream has gone the way of the dinosaurs sans the evolution into the bird that ol’
Forrest Gump’s bae use pray to become,

Where is the dream?

The dream gasped for air with Eric Garner, laid in the street with Mike Brown and walked from the store with Trayvon, The dream drove Sandra to Texas and made Rosa sit in the front of the bus after Claudette Colvin’s first sit-in,

Where is the dream?

Perhaps it died when the pursuit of capital overtook the dreamers and like the Carebears there wasn’t enough magic to raise it from certain death, Perhaps without the roar of Fred Hampton or means of Malcolm, maybe with out the rage of Fannie Lou or the steady hand of Medger, without the leadership of Martin we all woke up to find the dream sweeter than our reality, Our sweet dreams left us in favor of insomniac hangovers, sweet dreams made of these reliving a time gone by, celebrating fantasy’s in Dixie Wonderland where the cotton is high and rape and pillage are easy as a breeze and as expected as sun rise,

Where is the dream?

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