Editor’s Note

67606_121177997940905_266717_nWe live in a world with no shortage of realism, there are real life Hip Hop and Love shows, real life Side Chicks and TV, Bad Girls and Boot Camps, Preachers and Wives of LA. We have a President that needs no experience to run the country, a football player that is not allowed to play the game because he is exercising the very tenets this country is built on. People argue about whether Black Lives really do matter, and if the 25th Anniversary of the LA riots as seen any change. We live in a time where the church has become nothing more than its four walls and has forgotten that it was built on the rock of a man Peter. This is a world where greed breeds more greed, where people are appalled and angered at the idea of helping the working poor get a leg up whether it is with healthcare or food stamps. Makes you wonder what has become of the country we live in, what has become of the people we call family and friends, why do people fel so bitter? It is time for this nation to start looking at our people, all of them, and getting to know what and who we are. Where do we all come from, what do we encounter from day to day. In this country the powerless have increasingly become the mentally ill, the disenfranchised, the marginalised, the middle class, our youth and the working poor. These are the people who have no voice, no representation. In this months issue throughout the month we are going to address a lot of these issues. How it costs a state 88,000 dollars to take care of an inmate but the same state only spends 12,000 on a college graduate, or how our prison system is overwhelmingly filled with the mentally ill who are not getting the services that they need, and that a majority of the inmates come from our very broken foster care system. Something needs to change and we will talk about what solutions and options we have available to us this month. So I thank you for joining us this month.

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