My hair…..Why do you Care?


As a black woman, I receive adverse reactions for the way I choose to wear my hair. I hear comments ranging from “Why does she wear weave?” or “Why does she not use her own hair?” My response to those questions is simply, “Why do you care?” Allow me to take some time to shed light upon the issue of black women and their hair.

First point- all women from different backgrounds have different textures of hair ranging from straight and silky to soft and kinky. We use different products to maintain the moisture and to help style, and to get our hair to stay put is time consuming. We cannot wash our hair and go…that does not exist with us! Ladies let us be real…if we allow our natural hair to dry we end up with a big puff and the comb we cannot even pull through. To get our hair to a point where the hair is manageable can take an hour…or even more.

Secondly, please do not be confused; most women treat wigs and weaves as an accessory. Confused? Think of it as pairing a pair of red stilettos with an all-black dress for a pop of color. Wearing a weave that is straight and curly to go with that gown looks better than wearing a bob. Having different wigs and switching up weaves is a part of the personality…it is different, fun, and we like the change…no one would like to wear the same pair of sneakers with everything they have in their closet.

My last point is that the decision to wear a wig, weave, or go au natural is a personal decision. Some women may have a boost of confidence when wearing long hair and some may opt to a short hairstyle due to the humid weather or it is just what they are in the mood for. Whatever the reason for a woman wearing her hair the way it is does not take away from her personality, beauty, or confidence.




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