Every morning we wake up, it is either sunny, cloudy or some form of precipitation. It boggles the mind some days that we see this amazing thing we call weather. It is truly like life, it is often unforeseeable, unpredictable and truly out of our grasp. We cannot control it, we cannot turn it on or turn it off, simply it is just there. Sometimes3120331-lg it thrashes our very sanctuary of comfort our homes and turns our towns and villages and cities upside down, it drowns out highways or shows us just how small we are in scheme of things. Like life it bounces us around like we inconsequential. I’ve learned through out the years that there is no good and bad weather in life, there is truly just days that come and days that go. Days that bring us indescribable joy and days that bring us wish it away sorrow, but one without the other would render us truly that much poorer in spirit and experience. Like rain, our pain brings us water to drink, strength to survive.  No matter the weather no matter how storms bounce us around and winds move us side to side we matter, the weather tells us different but the influence we have on the very weather that bounces us around tells a different story. So weather is like life, we are bounced around and weather storms both good and bad but in the end we get out of those very storms what we put in. If we insist on using things that harm our very environment we will incur many more storms and much more harmful storms, but if we study our storms and feed our storms with life’s lessons though they may not always be pleasant they will always be advantageous. So welcome your storm, welcome the knowledge and the rain because when the storm is over your garden will be that of no other. You are Gods gift.

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