The Tribe

Peace Peace! (That’s my greeting.) Oh, this is going to be fun.   Please choose to come to the Great Land – as we love tourist dollars!!   If you are looking for a BORING column about life in Alaska – please continue clicking through Google’s results page. This is NOT that column. I do … More The Tribe

Chocolate Wisdom

Well it seems as if spring is finally here to stay. This is such a wonderful time of the year. Trees are budding, flowers are starting to bloom. Gardeners are readying the ground for their crops. It’s like a new beginning for everything and that includes us. The mornings arrive with bright sunshine heralding the … More Chocolate Wisdom

Poetry Den

My eyes have seen the light The coming of the Lord or the Ford that rides so quickly down these streets and beats with Bass and treble, with a course in how to stay safe and avoid the trouble not treble and metal I . . . I see the coming of the Lord My … More Poetry Den


Every morning we wake up, it is either sunny, cloudy or some form of precipitation. It boggles the mind some days that we see this amazing thing we call weather. It is truly like life, it is often unforeseeable, unpredictable and truly out of our grasp. We cannot control it, we cannot turn it on … More BREAKFAST NOOK