trumpTrump . . . Making America Great, the First Time

We have entered the political season, and it is full swing ahead. There are polls, and commercials and debates all to sway our idea of who is more equipped for the job. Well as most of you know the Trump camp has snatched the saying “Making America Great Again.”

Now I endorse his campaign, I endorse everything that he is doing, every word he speaks every commercial he decides to run and every snide, rude, disrespectful remark he makes. He is the epitome of what makes America great. He represents a great segment of our society who until now felt powerless. He speaks for them.

You want to know why I endorse his campaign. I’m sure at this point you are baffled, but I must remind you I am a card carrying Republican. But that’s not the reason I endorse his campaign. I endorse his campaign because he has given license to the very American who thought racism was over, he has opened eyes and minds to the idea that when we, as people of color, say cops are shooting us at disproportionate numbers, that we are being assassinated in our streets and neighborhoods, we actually aren’t exaggerating. I endorse his campaign because somewhere there are white people who are startled that their next door neighbor really feels that way about Muslims, Christians who share the same faith but not the same color. I endorse his campaign because he has made it fashionable, made it comfortable to be a fascist and a Nazi. Nazi’s are not just for Jews you know. his campaign is given an atmosphere that was created when Barack Obama was elected to the office of the presidency, one of the most powerful offices in the world, the most powerful belongs to my God, your Allah and someone else’s Yahweh, and Elohim.

Whites boasted with frankness and resolve

“Oh you guys make everything about race, no one is attacking Obama because he’s black”

“Why does everything have to be about race with you people?”

“Listen I work with someone black and even he agrees that some of you guys take it too far.”

And now Trump wants us “to make America great” . . . wait for it “Again”.

I love this slogan because just when was America great? And I guess we all missed it when it became un-great? Was it when land was stolen from the Paiute Native Americans and then decades later were told that the very land they inhabited once was now being fought for to be returned back to the rightful owners, and the rightful owners weren’t them? Or perhaps it was when Medgar Evers killer went free because that was just the way of the land, oh no it must have been when America locked up Japanese Americans because it is impossible for anyone to be a real American unless they were born white, straight, Christian and male.

Well guess what Mr. Trump you’ve awakened people who thought they were already aware. You are creating an atmosphere where white people can see themselves and others and not like what they see. What a campaign this is when a white supremacist group can decide you’re their man Mr. Trump and make phone calls to republicans, and say we don’t want Muslims, we don’t want anyone really unless “they are white and educated”. Well I have a wakeup call for those who are white and live in the trailer parks, the subsidized housing and on welfare, when he says make America great again, he isn’t talking about you, there isn’t any room in this new America that is being created for you. see this America that Trump is talking about is an America of white men who make more money than you see in your lifetime, this America doesn’t include you and the three kids you have in Head Start, it doesn’t even include your baby daddy or brother. It doesn’t even include the pickup truck you made with your bare hands, or the mossy oak glasses and jackets you wear. It doesn’t include your steel toe Caterpillar boots or your wrangler jeans. If you are the guy that responds to the volunteer firefighter beeper, he’s not even talking about you, although he does need you. That America that is so great doesn’t include you, your son or your daughter, but he’s making you think it does.

And for the whites who have been comfortable enlightened and now disappointed that someone really wasn’t exaggerating race in America, I’m sorry you had to find out this way, sorry that all that glitters is not gold. Sorry that you now know that making America great again would mean we have to make America great the first time.

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