Money Cents

Do you have a stockpile in your kitchen? A stockpile is just what the word implies. You have stocked up on the things that you and your family need. I’m not talking about those people you see on T.V. who have five years’ worth of mustard and no one in their house eats mustard. I’m talking about using a stockpile to cut your grocery bill by at least a third. Most items in the supermarket go on sale on a regular basis. There a few items that do not fit in this category. If you buy the basics that you need when they are on sale you will always have a supply. For example if pasta is on sale this week for 79 cents, buy 8 boxes instead of one. I follow this method and always combine the sale with a coupon. Many of you may not be into couponing, but I highly recommend it. If you follow this method you can buy many items at greatly reduced prices and many times for free. images2Many stores have store loyalty cards and store coupons. A store loyalty card allows you to get many of that week’s sale prices. Loyalty cards are free, but you do have to sign up for them. You can usually combine a store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon in most stores. A store coupon is usually for that particular store only. A manufacturer’s coupon can be used at any retailer that accepts coupons. While using coupons will take some of your time, it will more than pay for itself. Many people complain that there are only coupons for unhealthy foods. This is blatantly false. Right now I have coupons in my stash for eggs, fresh chicken, pork chops, milk, cheese, cereal. Frozen and can vegetables and green salads. There won’t be coupons for everything you buy, however there will be coupons for most of the things you buy. If you spend a little time going over the store flyer matching the sale items to the coupons in your stash you will have substantial savings. You can build your stockpile using this method. When an item is on sale and you have a coupon for it, buy more than you need. This will enable you to always have a supply of food on hand. This will be a boon when there is a storm coming or if you just have a week where cash is very short. In the event of a cash short week, you can make dinner from the items in your stash. Once you have built up a supply you can follow this method to stay stocked up. I and many of the people who use this method give extras to food pantries. When I see an item that I don’t need for free or next to free, I pick it up and I have a bag at my door. When the bag is full I simply drop it off to a food pantry. This a good method to be able to give if you don’t have a lot of extra money. This method of combining coupons with sales can be used to purchase all sorts of things. I have purchased games and toys, clothes and household items. For example I used a “just my size coupon” to get a free blouse at Walmart. Target has the cartwheel app that can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons and target coupons to score great buys. I have gotten many great toys around the holidays. I got my great niece a razor scooter for 5 bucks from toys r us. I got celebration monopoly for 40 cents. I tell you this just so you can be aware of the many bargains you can get if you invest a little time. My grandmother used to say it’s not how much money you have, it’s what you do with the money you have. Many people start a vacation fund with the savings and watch it grow. In a year or two they fly away to parts unknown. Many times while shopping, you will get what is known as a Catalina. A Catalina is a coupon given to shoppers for buying certain items. For example a few weeks ago I purchased 3 packages of Kraft sliced cheese. I used a 2.00 off three coupon to make this purchase. I also had a raincheck for a sale that had passed and where the store did not have sufficient stock to supply all shoppers. Whenever a store is out of a particular sale item always ask for raincheck. This will enable you to get the item later when it is in stock at the sale price. When the cashier handed me my receipt there was a Catalina good for 2.00 off my next shopping order courtesy of Kraft. I was not aware of this offer but still a nice surprise. If you apply some of these methods, you should be able to cut your food budget substantially and who can’t use a little extra cash.

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