Editor’s Note

My best friend came into town this last week. She is truly an intellectual an Anthropology genius to put it lightly. Speaking to her is really about raising the bar. When I say raising the bar I mean raising the bar of vocabulary, education, of intellect, art, I can go on. So I started to wonder about the lyfe of DIG. Yes DIG has a LYFE. In the beginning it seemed simple, write until my hearts desire, but then I realized what was DIG’s purpose what was it’s Lyfe going to represent. So I realize DIG is a manifestation of people, like anthropology. Everything about people. When I speak to my bestie everything makes sense and seems to work itself out. So this month’s issue is about what being born is like, just what we’d think about everyday, what we watch, sometimes what we think, the frustration that we experience. So join us this month as we start a re-birthing process where we chronicle LYFE, not black living, not hispanic living, white living but #EverydayLiving. What happens everyday effects all of us as one, we all play the roles, the anthropologist explains what we have been and what we can be, the writer expresses who we are now and where we can go, and how we get there, everyday. So #DIGLyfe in your #EverydayLiving. And join us as we see how others share their #EverydayLiving like Josh Kimerling sharing the experiences of raising a special needs child. That transcends race, it transcends class, it transcends division.




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