College Basketball Top 3 Players

bs2This college basketball season has been nothing less than an amazing roller coaster ride! With teams jumping in and out of the #1 ranking spot, the National Championship is definitely up for grabs this college season more than ever before. You don’t believe me? Just think about this, Duke University known for its phenomenal education and great college basketball history with their always elite teams joined with a Hall Of Fame coach, have been bouncing in and out of the top 25, and is now the #20 team in the Nation. But who are the top three players in the Nation that have the most impact on their team.

  1. Ben Simmons F, LSU (Freshman)

A versatile 6 foot 10 forward who can definitely do it all. Dribble, rebound, pass, drive, shoot and has pretty good defense. He has been considered to be the next Lebron James. High expectations for a freshman that can definitely back it up.

Average Stats: 19.1ppg/ 13rebs/ 5.8 assist


  1. Kris Dunn PG, Providence (Sophomore)

By far the best controller and playmaker in college basketball, this point guard makes plays that a lot of people would not be able to make in their life. His court vision is elite and playmaking ability will definitely get him drafted top 5 in the 2016 NBA draft.

Average Stats: 16.5ppg/ 7.6 assist (2nd in the nation)/ 6.1 rebs


  1. Buddy Hield G, Oklahoma (Senior)

Probably the best scorer in college basketball, has the green light every time he touches the ball for the #1 team in the nation Oklahoma. His teammates count on him to make the big plays and the big time shots in a game, and he always comes through when they need it.

Average Stats: 24.0ppg/ 5.1rebs/ 53% from 3pt range


  1. Tyler Ulis PG, Kentucky (Sophomore)

Kentucky a team known for their one and done players, Ulis is now the commander of this young Kentucky team and everybody knows it. His playmaker ability is definitely a game changer that will take him to the next level.

Average Stats: 16.4ppg/ 6.8apg/ 3.1rebs


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Denzel Valentine G, Michigan (Senior)

Stats: 18.5PPG/ 8.3RPG/ 7.1APG

  1. Melo Trimble PG, Maryland (sophomore)

Stats: 15.0PPG/ 5.7APG/ 1.6SPG/ 52% shooting

  1. Georges Niang F, Iowa (Senior)

Stats: 19.2PPG/ 6.5RPG/ 3.5APG

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