Chocolate Wisdom


image.jpgHey ya’ll it’s that time of year again, you know the month they donate to us and our accomplishments. Seems ironic that it’s the shortest month of the year. There we go again getting shortchanged again. I know I’m looking at it all wrong, other people don’t even have a month. However other people haven’t given what we have to the growth of this country. We are ignored the rest of the year. Worst yet to some degree we are ignoring ourselves. We fail to celebrate our selves every day. We fall right in with practice of ignoring ourselves. Our collective self-esteem suffers because we ingest the day to day poisonous image that is portrayed in the media. We don’t realize that is a subtle mind numbing method of subliminal indoctrination. It helps us to buy into the race rotting disease that is decimating our communities. It causes us to fail to realize that we are a proud, hardworking, inventive, intelligent and vibrant community. How else do you explain that a race that has been repressed for hundreds of years could produce the likes of George Washington Carver who invented over three hundred products from the peanut? A Jesse Owens who survived racism in this country and hostility in Germany to win four gold medals. The Tuskegee Airmen who performed so well that white pilots started requesting to be shadowed by them. We survived segregated schools with the books discarded by white schools to send our children off to college where they excelled and came back to teach others. Seeing children go off to college was a collective undertaking. We rejoiced every time a child got to go off to college. We put our collective pennies together to help them succeed. There was no financial aid in those days. Old church mothers scraped up what they could to help. We saw the success of one as a collective racial success. Our children went off to school hair freshly braided, scrubbed and starched stiff. Teachers were revered in our culture and accorded a place of respect. We were a proud people who had unmovable standards. Where has our racial pride and standards gone? We have lost our soul. We have let the media and rot around us corrupt us. We have taken the easy way out. No longer do we value hard work and accomplishments. We try to find the fastest and easiest way out. We sit around and make excuses. We look for something for nothing. We sold our soul to the devil and now we are starting on the next generation. Instead of infusing our children with the can do spirit of our forefathers, we are content to help them to adopt our slothful and lazy ways. We need to teach our children their history so they can be proud and develop a spirit of a conqueror. They need to see us work hard and achieve. They need for us to imbue them with the history of a proud people so that when the world around them fails to see their promise, they will know that it is present anyway. They will not be swayed by the questionable portrayals in the media. They will not be destroyed by a school system that needs for them to be someone’s path to a good retirement. They will be secure in the knowledge that they are invincible. They are the descendants of kings and queens. They’re the masters of their own fate.


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