This week I had an aha moment. Often I have moments where I analyze myself. I become over-analytical. I think of all the things I haven’t done, or I haven’t done yet, or all the things I haven’t gotten to that are on the list. We judge our list by the list of others. But who told us what should be on the list, exactly how long our To-Do list should take? Truthfully that To-Do List we make is usually aligned with someone else’s standards, often someone we don’t even know. we can be hard on ourselves. We don’t make distinctions between holding ourselves accountable and holding ourselves to irrational expectations. We have to be careful when decide exactly what those expectations should be. Days include work, and more work and preforming according to the standards of others, and we forget, that some of our day is about joy and family, and love, and friendship. Remember what your T0-Do List is for. It is not the measuring stick of you as a person, nor is it the mirror by which you view all the things you didn’t get done. It is simply to keep in mind your larger goal and how you plan to attain it. Don’t use it as a cat-o-nine tail. Whatever you do, do it all with love.


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