Poetry Den

Blackboy, This is a poem to Blackboy,  Not to mourn Trayvon or Yusef, not to celebrate Barack or Martin, not to revere Emmit, Medger, Langston, Richard,Thurgood, Adams, Booker, or DuBois, This is a poem to Blackboy, To the boy that looks in the mirror and see a reflection that terrifies the world, To the boy … More Poetry Den


This week I had an aha moment. Often I have moments where I analyze myself. I become over-analytical. I think of all the things I haven’t done, or I haven’t done yet, or all the things I haven’t gotten to that are on the list. We judge our list by the list of others. But … More BREAKFAST NOOK

Chocolate Wisdom

  Hey ya’ll it’s that time of year again, you know the month they donate to us and our accomplishments. Seems ironic that it’s the shortest month of the year. There we go again getting shortchanged again. I know I’m looking at it all wrong, other people don’t even have a month. However other people … More Chocolate Wisdom

Editor’s Note

My best friend came into town this last week. She is truly an intellectual an Anthropology genius to put it lightly. Speaking to her is really about raising the bar. When I say raising the bar I mean raising the bar of vocabulary, education, of intellect, art, I can go on. So I started to … More Editor’s Note

Money Cents

Do you have a stockpile in your kitchen? A stockpile is just what the word implies. You have stocked up on the things that you and your family need. I’m not talking about those people you see on T.V. who have five years’ worth of mustard and no one in their house eats mustard. I’m … More Money Cents